Cree Halves LED Streetlight Prices

By Spencer W - posted Apr 10th 2012
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Top lighting manufacturer CREE Inc. halves the cost of its XSP series LED streetlights, hopes the new lower prices will sway local governments to adoption.

The new CREE XSP outdoor streetlights will sell for under $200 when bought in volume, according to Ty Mitchell, a lighting executive at the North Carolina-based company. The roughly 50% lower price puts the streetlights in direct competition with traditional high-pressure sodium vacuum technology when including maintenance and energy costs.

CREE’s new XSP streetlights are able to produce twice the light output (in lumens) while using half the number of LEDs as in older models. The increased efficiency is attributed to improvements in silicon carbide technology. As heat dissipation is key in LED efficiency and longevity, silicon carbide allows for a more efficient internal design. This allows for brighter light with less metal required for cooling…


Bridgelux’s New Decor 97 LED Arrays Offer Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Color Vibrancy

By Warren H - posted Apr 9th 2012
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Bridgelux’s latest LED arrays

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provide lighting designers with increased CRI and more flexible options to enhance commercial lighting in retail, hospitality, and architectural industries.

Bridgelux recently introduced the newest expansion to their Decor 97 line of modern LED arrays. Featuring a high CRI of 97, these LED arrays were designed and manufactured specifically for the growing demand in the retail, museum, hospitality and architectural lighting markets. The revamped Decor series now offers increased efficiency as well as a broader range of light sources—from 500 to 5000 operational lumens in three color temperatures, 2700, 3000 and 3500K—to satisfy the increasing number of applications demanding very high quality illumination.

The new Decor LED arrays increase their minimum 80 and 90 CRI (Color Rendering Index) products to a CRI of 97, as well as boosting R9 and R15

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values to 98. This enhances the red tone of the light produced to better simulate human skin tones and a natural looking color of light. These improvements in color quality allow the new LED arrays to duplicate the light quality of incandescent and halogen light bulbs, at a fraction of the energy use.


Cree’s New Aeroblades are the Cutting Edge of Outdoor LEDs

By Spencer W - posted Apr 5th 2012
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Cree’s new stylish, modular, luminaire LEDs combines state-of-the-art innovation with creative design.

Market-leader and top lighting manufacturer CREE has unveiled their new Aeroblades streetlights. Sleek, modern, fin-shaped LED luminaires looking to raise the standard in the outdoor LED lighting industry. Based on CREE’s advanced BetaLED® technology paired with NanoOptic® lighting control, the Aeroblades luminaires represent the latest in LED innovation combined with advanced architectural design.

Developed with Speirs + Major, one of the world’s leading lighting design firms, the Aeroblades luminaire series takes a radical new approach to architectural street and outdoor security lighting. The new luminaires advanced design enables accurate LED illumination while optimizing thermal management, light control, efficiency, longevity and payback…


New Study Projects $3.7 Billion LED Retrofit Lamp Market by 2016

By Spencer W - posted Apr 4th 2012
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The LED replacement lamp market will grow 30% annually, in terms of units sold, between 2012 and 2016 according to new research published by analyst firm Strategies Unlimited.

A new report from Strategies Unlimited titled “LED replacement lamp market analysis and forecast” projects that the global LED retrofit lamp market will exceed $3.7 billion by 2016. This indicates major growth in solid-state lighting products intended for existing sockets. From a $2.2 billion market in 2011, the firm expects an annual 30% growth in the number of units sold.

According to the report, Japan consumed 24.7 million of the 39.9 million LED A-19 lamps sold globally in 2011. An analyst from Strategies Unlimited said that the Japanese Eco-point program was in part responsible for the high consumption, as well as growing environmental concerns and high prices in the compact-fluorescent lamps (CFLs) market…


LED Lighting Distributors Show Modern LED Home Lighting at the Spring HK International Lighting Fair

By admin - posted Mar 9th 2012
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Major LED Lighting manufacturer selects LED lighting distributor for North American Market

LED Lighting Industry News

March 09, 2012 – Have you been planning on checking out the latest in state-of-the-art LED home lighting and LED track lighting solutions? Are you also planning to be in Hong Kong between April 6-9, 2012? This is your chance to take a look at the newest LED home lighting and LED track lighting fixtures while in Hong Kong during the Spring 2012 HK International Lighting Fair. One of the largest LED lighting exhibitions in Hong Kong and the world, the Spring HK International Lighting Fair will feature LED lighting distributors from around the world, and their latest LED lighting solutions. If you have always wanted to buy LED lighting for the home or office, but want to check out some of the products being marketed around the world first? The Spring HK International Lighting Fair and your up coming trip to Hong Kong could be the perfect time to check out the latest in LED home lighting and LED track lighting…


Modern LED Spot Lighting Being Seen in New Places

By admin - posted Mar 7th 2012
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State-of-the-art LED track lighting the latest thing around the home and office

LED Lighting Technology News

March 07, 2012 – LEDOracle has been watching the growth of the installation of modern LED spot lighting in more and more amusement parks, apartment buildings and other residential settings in the last few years. LEDOracle had a chance to talk to Philips officials recently about their latest LED spot lighting solutions designed for LED outdoor lighting applications called PureForm from Philips Gradco. Philips LED lighting technicians on hand indicated the new PureForm luminaire is perfect for outdoor environments around residential complexes and the office. Designed to be installed in parking lots and other outdoor environments. LEDOracle expects to see this new LED spot lighting fixture illuminating more and more parking lots around the world. If you need to buy LED lighting to illuminate the parking lot around your residential or office complex? Talk to LED lighting distributors today about the benefits of implementing modern LED spot lighting solutions. You’ll find modern LED lighting is the most reliable and efficient lighting on the planet…


Top LED Home Lighting Maker Receives Excellence Awards

By admin - posted Mar 6th 2012
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Top LED lighting distributors invest more money in greener LED track lighting solutions

LED Lighting Industry News

March 06, 2012 – LEDOracle was talking to officials for GE Appliances & Lighting about the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Sustainability Award they recently won for the seventh consecutive year. GE Appliances & Lighting has always been recognized for the outstanding work they do promoting the use and implementation of environmentally-friendly LED home lighting and LED track lighting. This major LED lighting distributor currently offers hundreds of Energy Star qualified LED lighting products to LED lighting buyers and people looking to buy LED lighting for around the home and office. GE Appliances & Lighting was also the first US LED home lighting and LED track lighting manufacturer to receive Energy Star qualification for its omnidirectional LED lighting designed to replace the traditional incandescent light bulb. If you need to buy LED lighting for around the home and office? Contact an LED lighting distributor of lighting products designed and manufactured to help people around the world use less energy to illuminate their homes and offices. You’ll discover why millions of people this year made the switch to state-of-the-art LED home lighting and LED track lighting solutions…