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As with any technologies, some products will be amazing, while others will miss the mark. You can find out here about the quality of the latest contributions from the leaders in LED technology. We will have reliable reviews of new or popular LED products, written by our panel of experts or submitted by you, our members.

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LED technology is pervading all areas of commercial and private sectors. You will learn of the latest news in this arena right here at the Oracle. We will be offering timely reporting of relevant news as the popularity of LED technology continues to spread. You will learn of cities, department stores, and office buildings that have been retrofitted and custom designed for LED lighting installations. You will also learn of scientific breakthroughs in the constant desire to improve the industry.

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We, at LED Oracle, wish to continue to exist at the cutting edge of LED technology. There is more to this ambition than reporting news that has already occurred. Learn here about new ideas before they are released to the public; see and read about prototypes that have not yet hit the market; and learn about the latest rumor mill surrounding this industry.

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Of course, one of the primary reasons the Internet exists is for the sheer enjoyment of imparting knowledge for the benefit of others. Visit here to learn fun new facts about the LED industry. Visitors and members will also be invited to post fun facts they have learned about the technology or the people who stand out in the industry.

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