$29.99 LED Bulb Offers Dimmable Remote Control with iOS and Android Apps.

INSTEON, top manufacturers of reliable home-automation technology, unveiled a groundbreaking new remote controlled dimmable 8-Watt LED bulb. The bulb is the first of its kind to feature networked remote control, allowing it to be dimmed remotely as well as via WIFI or cellular data connection. Built on INSTEON’s proprietary communication technology, the LED bulb represents a significant advancement in the adaptability of LED lighting in home automation.

“For years, home automation has controlled light fixtures with plug-in lamp modules, wire-in switches and keypads. But, until now, no one has controlled the bulb itself. It’s exciting to be the first to introduce a new product to the world,” said Joe Dada, chief executive officer, INSTEON.

Designed to replace a 60-Watt incandescent, the bulb features INSTEON’s patented dual-band communication technology. The bulb acts as a network signal repeater and sends signals over radio frequencies as well as a home’s existing wires. Touting simple setup, intuitive controls, and easy linking to any other INSTEON controllers, the bulb is fully dimmable and can be implemented in preexisting or new lighting systems.

Retailing at $29.99, the LED bulb is the newest addition to the INSTEON product line, built upon the SmartLinc Hub, and is priced to compete with many current LED bulbs.

“The market is very excited to be getting an LED bulb with remote control built in, at a price that is actually below the cost of most standard LED bulbs. It’s like getting remote control for free,” said Joe Gerber, president, INSTEON.

With LED lighting technology typically saving 50-90% in reduced power consumption, home automation is a great way to further reduce energy use as well as create a customized lighting environment.

For more information about INSTEON or a video demonstration of the LED bulb, please visit INSTEON.