Revolutionary new Big Chip Round LEDs improve throughput and efficiency, finding new applications for LED lighting.

LED microchip manufacturer Luminus Devices has announced the production of a innovative new family of round LEDs. Designed for a variety of general illumination and specialty lighting applications, the Big Chip Round LEDs deliver an impressive amount of lumens from a single source, providing extreme versatility, and opening new markets in high-intensity applications.

“Optical architectures of high power entertainment fixtures are frequently defined by a circular aperture, so using a traditional square LED was like putting a square peg into a round hole,” said Don McDaniel, Global Marketing Director for Entertainment Lighting at Luminus. “Our new round LED increases system-level efficiency by as much as 30%, enabling our customers to use a single LED to replace a 250W HID lamp.”

Luminus’ new round LED technology creates many new applications and markets for the rapidly growing solid-state industry. From retail spot lighting to medical devices and entertainment machinery, the breakthrough Big Chip Round LEDs provide greatly increased efficiency through advanced design. “The fiber is round, the optic is round, but the LED has always been square — it was an optical mismatch. This has now been resolved with the round LED breakthrough that will enable us to replace the 300W Xenon lamp in an application like endoscopy.”

Innovative LED design advancements, such as the Big Chip Round LED, are a positive sign for the quickly expanding industry. As solid-state LEDs revolutionize the lighting industry, new uses and markets are found. Often, output requirements differ greatly between applications, requiring manufacturers to maintain high-quality yet versatile designs. The ability to replace high-intensity-discharge lamps is a clear sign of how fast LED technology is moving.

The company’s first Big Chip Round LED product will be commercially available during Q3 of this year. Luminus is exhibiting the exciting new products at Light + Building, April 15-20 at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information on Luminus Devices and the Big Chip Round LEDs, click here.