Cree’s new stylish, modular, luminaire LEDs combines state-of-the-art innovation with creative design.

Market-leader and top lighting manufacturer CREE has unveiled their new Aeroblades streetlights. Sleek, modern, fin-shaped LED luminaires looking to raise the standard in the outdoor LED lighting industry. Based on CREE’s advanced BetaLED® technology paired with NanoOptic® lighting control, the Aeroblades luminaires represent the latest in LED innovation combined with advanced architectural design.

Developed with Speirs + Major, one of the world’s leading lighting design firms, the Aeroblades luminaire series takes a radical new approach to architectural street and outdoor security lighting. The new luminaires advanced design enables accurate LED illumination while optimizing thermal management, light control, efficiency, longevity and payback.

“While everybody else was creating standard shoeboxes and other conventional designs, we were approached with a revolutionary technology that allowed us to throw out all preconceptions of how urban luminaires should appear,” said Keith Bradshaw, director, Speirs + Major. “The result is the Aeroblades luminaire, designed for the best LED performance and the form followed.”

The Aeroblades series is designed to bring unprecedented versatility and precision to outdoor applications through its unique modular design. The NanoOptic® control system as well as the number and optical distribution of blades can be customized to meet specific illumination needs. Other features include an innovative thermal management system that enables high lumen output and provides significant boosts to lifetime, efficacy, and color consistency. The Aeroblades are rated for a minimum 80,000 hours L70 and have a failure rate of less than 0.5%, even in extreme conditions.

The versatile and modular design of the Aeroblades series enables purchasers to customize luminaires to best fit their application. Aeroblades luminaires will initially be available in more than 300 combinations. This includes two, four or six blade versions, 20 optical distributions, four color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5700K), four drive currents, two pole mount and wall mount versions and seven DeltaGuard® paint finishes.

Growing environmental concerns as well as the rising cost of energy has created a large demand for new ways to reduce energy consumption. High-efficiency, inventive, designs like the Aeroblades set the stage for reducing overall carbon footprint as well as providing enhanced illumination, security, and reliability in LED products. New technologies and advanced designs in the LED industry is expected to continue as the market for LEDs climbs to $3.7 billion by 2016 .

The Aeroblades series is currently only available in sample quantities for Q2, with full availability set to begin in Q3 of 2012. For additional information about the Aeroblades luminaries, please visit