LEDOracle Product Reviews

Monday, December 19, 2011 – Lighting Science Group’s Definity MR16 is a modern MR16 LED LEDOracle tested in our home made lighting science laboratory to see if it lives up to expectations. This particular model of MR16 LED is available in a number of different models for people looking to buy LED lighting and contains no mercury. You can find LED lighting distributors selling this modern LED lamp, which is available in different colour rating indexes (CRI) and CCT. Lighting Science Groups MR16 LED lamps are rated to be fully dimmable, turn on instantly and include a three year warranty. Equivalent to a 20W halogen light source, the lumen output of these MR16 LED lamps is between 265 – 300lm and they only consume around 6 watts of power during operation. Lighting Science Group also indicates their MR16 LED lamps are about 80 percent more energy efficient than a traditional light bulb of the same size and power, and should last about 25 times as long. Designed and engineered for around the home or office environment, LEDOracle tested this modern MR16 LED lamp to see if it lives up to hype.

Light Color: Lighting Science Groups MR16 LED lamps are a smaller LED that produces warm, white light we found to be almost cool to the touch. We tested this MR16 LED as a reading lamp above the bed and found the light to be adequate for reading in a dark room.

LEDOracle also tested this MR16 LED as bathroom accent lighting above the sink and cabinet area. The light provided was often a little dim, so we conclude this MR16 LED probably isn’t the best light source above a sink area. It’s dark up in Canada this time of year in the morning and you’ll probably need a little more illumination than this MR16 LED lamp can provide in the washroom.

We also tested this modern MR16 LED lamp as under cabinet LED lighting on a few of the computer desks used around the office. We found this state-of-the-art LED provides enough illumination to light up a desk area where you might be working. You might want to install this M16 LED lamp in a light receptor with a covering cowl, which should help direct the light better.

Operating Temperature: LEDOracle tested this MR16 LED lamp for about a month in each different office and home environment indicated. The temperature of this modern MR16 LED lamp was always cool to the touch, for all of the models available.

Power Level: All of the different models of Lighting Science Group’s MR16 LED lamps are rated to use 6 watts of power during operation.

Conclusion: LEDOracle believes Lighting Science Group’s family of MR16 LED lamps are a modern light source you can use around the home or office for certain jobs. This would include under cabinet LED lighting, bathroom accent lighting and even as a source of desk illumination or as a reading light. The warm, white light provided by this MR16 LED lamp was ample enough in these situations and environments, but we don’t suggest this LED lamp for use in situations requiring lots of light. People looking for a good under cabinet LED lighting solution, or LED home lighting for reading or accenting areas will find this MR16 lamp can do the job.