The iPAR30S30221N by MSi Solid State Lighting is a small and versatile LED light bulb we decided to test in various locations around the home. Designed and engineered to be used primarily for indoor LED accent lighting applications around the home or office, the non-dimmable iPAR30S we tested has a 22.5 degree beam angle, is rated for 3000K and works with 120V power sources. The iPAR30S uses Cree LEDs in its design, is rated to last 50,000 hours of continuous use and operate very reliable and efficient throughout its lifetime. LEDOracle will be testing the iPAR30S in various locations around a normal Canadian home, to see if this modern LED light bulb is as reliable and efficient as advertised.

Light Color: The intense and bright Cree LEDs of the iPAR30S provided warm white light with a nice 22.5 degree beam angle that spread the light nicely around the smaller space of my home office. The light provided allowed me to work at my computer, without shining off the screen in my eyes, which was a nice change.

In the larger space of my bedroom, the iPAR30S worked really well in the reading lamp above my bed, and spread the light evenly across the page of the book nicely. This LED light bulb isn’t best in large areas, with its limited power, and beam angle, but in a limited space it provides nice lighting.

We also tried the iPAR30S in the bathroom as accent lighting above the toilet area and it provided enough light to turn my favourite reading room into home library at times. Family, guests and friends giving the washroom a try indicated the light was consistent and intense, but made reading easy in the washroom.

Operating Temperature: The iPAR30S is rated for 3000K and we found the temperature of this little LED bulb stayed consistent through days of use. We used this LED bulb in various locations around the home and the heat dissipation stayed the same in all locations and environments tested. The iPAR30S is able to dissipate the heat generated through thousands of hours of use beautifully and is safe to use in enclosed environments.

Power Level: The iPAR30S isn’t the most powerful LED light bulb on the market, but the light level provided by this little LED fixture provided enough reading and viewing light in a number of different locations around the home.

Conclusion: LEDOracle found the iPAR30S by MSi to be a very useful little LED bulb around the home in any number of different environments and locations. This state-of-the-art LED bulb is perfect as modern accent lighting in the bedroom or washroom, and you can even use it to provide warm white light in larger rooms. One of the most reliable and efficient LED bulbs currently being manufactured and sold by MSi, we recommend you take a look at what the amazing little iPAR30S LED bulb can do around your home or office.