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September 20, 2011 –

The iPAR-38 by MSi Solid State Lighting comes in a small box and package for such a versatile little LED bulb. The iPAR-38 is only designed to be used as modern LED indoor lighting, but it has three different power level settings; 10, 12 and 16 Watts, each producing 550, 650 and 800 lumens respectively. The iPAR-38 is also available in 10 degree spot, 16 degree wide spot or 22.5 degree narrow flood beam angles, 2700K, 3000K and 4300K models, and using either 120V or 220-277V. Carrying a 5 year warranty, rated to last 50,000 hours and produce very little heat, and to operate very energy efficiently, we wanted to see if all of the type surrounding this modern LED light bulb was hype or the real deal. The iPAR-38 we’re reviewing today is the iPAR-38 2700K 22.5 degree 120V dimmable model. LEDOracle will be testing this LED light bulb as a reliable and efficient LED home lighting solution and LED indoor lighting solution for around the small office.

Light Color: The iPAR-38 by MSi uses intense Cree LEDs, and the narrow flood beam angle of the model reviewed spread the light around the room pretty well. The effect was more in a general area, but the super bright LEDs used provided consistent light within the beam angle. We used this LED light bulb above a computer in a small area where it was the only light source at first. The light provided by the iPAR-38 is warm and white and easy on the eyes.

We also used the iPAR-38 by MSi in the bedroom as a reading light above the bed for a month. The superbright LEDs of this LED light bulb provided wonderful light perfect for illuminating the page of a book or laptop. The 22.5 degree narrow flood beam angle of the model iPAR-38 reviewed provided consistent light that prevented my eyes from having to strain to read the page.

We also couldn’t resist using the iPAR-38 as a LED home lighting solution in the washroom for a month, which is a favourite reading room for many people around the home. Guests, family and friends all found the light provided by the iPAR-38 to be intense, but easy on the eyes.

Operating Temperature: We used the iPAR-38 above a computer in a small area for about three months and we’re happy to say the heat dissipation on this LED light bulb is excellent. The temperature of light put out by this light bulb has stayed consistent throughout the months of use and was always well within the temperature ratings provided on the box.

Power Level Settings: We used the iPAR-38 on the 12 Watt and 650 lumen power setting for the first month and users of the computer thought the light was a bit less than they were expecting. Once we changed the power setting to 16 Watts and 800 lumens, users of the computer reported they thought the light power was a little more like what they were expecting to see.

We set the iPAR-38 LED light to the 10 Watt power level setting when using it as a reading light in the bedroom, at first, but changed it to the other settings after a few days. The 16 Watt power setting is probably a little bright for use as a reading light above the bed.

We used the LED light bulb on the 16 Watt power level setting for the first part of the test period as a LED home lighting source in the washroom. Once we tried the iPAR-38 on the lower setting people did report the light produced was lower than expected. Reading ability wasn’t impaired severely, but people seemed to expect more light output from the LED bulb.

Conclusion: LEDOracle found the iPAR-38 by MSi to be a reliable and versatile LED home lighting and LED indoor lighting solution for around the small office. This modern LED light bulb is lighting magic innovation of the highest quality, and we recommend you take a look at the possibilities for saving money around the home or office using this amazing little LED light bulb.