INSTEON Now Selling World’s First Remote Control Networked LED Bulb

By Spencer W - posted Jun 19th 2012
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$29.99 LED Bulb Offers Dimmable Remote Control with iOS and Android Apps.

INSTEON, top manufacturers of reliable home-automation technology, unveiled a groundbreaking new remote controlled dimmable 8-Watt LED bulb. The bulb is the first of its kind to feature networked remote control, allowing it to be dimmed remotely as well as via WIFI or cellular data connection. Built on INSTEON’s proprietary communication technology, the LED bulb represents a significant advancement in the adaptability of LED lighting in home automation…


This Week in LEDs: Lightfair International 2012

By Spencer W - posted May 7th 2012
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LED Oracle is pleased to announce that we will be providing coverage and exciting updates from Lightfair International 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lightfair International (LFI) is the world’s largest and most comprehensive annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. LFI’s goal is to bring together the top international and domestic Architectural, Design, Engineering, and Lighting professionals together with manufacturers and exhibitors from around the globe, showcasing new products, ideas, and technologies…


Philips Premieres New EnduraLED Lamps Featuring AirFlux Technology

By Spencer W - posted May 1st 2012
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New EnduraLED AirFlux Lamps are 30% lighter, offering increased candle power without heat sink fins.

Dutch LED giant Philips has developed a new series of EnduraLED lamps featuring new AirFlux technology. The advanced design boasts optimal thermal efficiency in a sleek, lightweight profile. Ideal for general and accent lighting in most retail, hospitality, office and residential applications, the EnduraLED AirFlux lamps provide a soft, diffused level of light and smooth dimming to reduce glare.

The AirFlux high-efficacy reflector lamps (PAR38, PAR30) offer a 45,000-hour lifespan along with color rendering of 83 CRI. The 19.5W PAR38 (pictured above, on right) reduces energy consumption by 100.5W when compared to a standard 120W halogen PAR38. This means if you were to replace 100 halogen 120W PAR38 lamps, you could save approximately $3,300 per year in reduced energy consumption alone (at 3,000 hours annual usage, paying $0.11 per kWh). Additionally, total savings is increased when factoring in the reduction in HVAC costs as well as reduced replacement and labor expenditures…


Luminus Devices Announces Production of World’s First Round LED

By Spencer W - posted Apr 19th 2012
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Revolutionary new Big Chip Round LEDs improve throughput and efficiency, finding new applications for LED lighting.

LED microchip manufacturer Luminus Devices has announced the production of a innovative new family of round LEDs. Designed for a variety of general illumination and specialty lighting applications, the Big Chip Round LEDs deliver an impressive amount of lumens from a single source, providing extreme versatility, and opening new markets in high-intensity applications.

“Optical architectures of high power entertainment fixtures are frequently defined by a circular aperture, so using a traditional square LED was like putting a square peg into a round hole,” said Don McDaniel, Global Marketing Director for Entertainment Lighting at Luminus. “Our new round LED increases system-level efficiency by as much as 30%, enabling our customers to use a single LED to replace a 250W HID lamp.”…


Lighting Science Group Unveils New Definity MR16 High-Output LED

By Spencer W - posted Apr 18th 2012
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LSG’s new high-output MR16 LED is 84% more efficient than standard MR16 halogen lamps, achieving superior performance without the use of moving parts.

In the global LED market, Lighting Science Group has become a top manufacturer of ultra-efficient lighting. Their products have a wide variety of applications, ranging from American homes and businesses to fixtures designed for space exploration with NASA. The production of the revolutionary new 8-watt MR16 high-output LED is touted as a direct replacement for 50-watt MR16 halogen bulbs, and is 33% more efficient than its contemporaries.

MR16 bulbs are suited to a variety of applications that require directional and general illumination including track lighting, recessed ceiling fixtures, desk lamps, pendant fixtures, and retail lighting displays. The Definity™ MR16 HO LED is state-of-the-art, achieving high-quality efficiency, lumen output, and form factor in all applications. Boasting a lifespan of 25,000 hours, the superior design requires no fans to optimize thermal dissipation…


Philips L Prize Winner Comes to Market Just in Time for Earth Day

By Spencer W - posted Apr 17th 2012
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Winner of the $10 million government prize to replace the standard incandescent 60-watt bulb will be sold at retailers starting Earth Day 2012.

Dutch manufacturer Philips‘ new A19 LED will be sold at retailers around the country starting Sunday in honor of Earth Day. The bulb is the most-energy efficient A19 yet. It draws a mere 10-watts of power, provides 940 lumens, and is expected to last 30,000 hours, or 20 years based on 4 hours/day. The only dark spot for the bulb is it’s $60 price tag.

The high price reflects the cost of high-quality components and is definitely a barrier for widespread implementation. However, Philips is expected to offer a $10 discount for consumers and is looking to corroborate with utility companies for further rebates. Many utility companies around the country are currently offering rebates and incentive programs for switching to more energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting. This means the starting price of the Philips L Prize bulb will be anywhere from $20-$60, depending on where it’s purchased, as utilities currently do not subsidize online purchases…


GE’s Evolve™ LEDs Illuminate Major Savings for Marriott’s Corporate HQ

By Spencer W - posted Apr 13th 2012
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Marriott Headquarters, located in Bethesda MD, recently completed a LED retrofit project utilizing state-of-the-art GE Lighting LEDs. The installation has improved lighting quality, enhanced security, and greatly reduced energy consumption. Marriott HQ will now use 860,000 fewer kilowatt hours (kWhs) of electricity and save more than $120,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs.

For Marriott, security and energy savings were top priorities when considering new lighting for their nearly 45 acres of parking and garage space at corporate headquarters. After comprehensive product testing, Marriott chose GE’s family of high-efficiency Evolve™ LED lights.

“We preferred the exceptional output and uniformity of GE’s Evolve LED lighting,” says Jim Young, vice president, corporate facilities for Marriott International, Inc. “GE performed a comprehensive lighting audit of our existing system, provided photometric analysis with 3D renderings of the new system, and forecasted our energy and maintenance savings. GE excelled as both a trusted strategic consultant and solutions provider.”…